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Introducing Autom, the Diet Robot

Posted on September 26, 2011

Tried every thing to lose weight? You have tried every exercise machine, every diet, every alternative treatments, but you still end up gaining more weight? Perhaps you need a help from a robot.

Autom is a 15-inch talking droid that prompts owners to enter their daily calorie consumption and exercise habits using its LCD touch screen. The robot responds kindly to keep them motivated, complete with that cute yet very cold stare. Autom also has face-tracking capabilities, so there is no escape if you wander on the kitchen to have an unscheduled snacking.

The robot is now available for pre-order, which costs $195 for the deposit, $668.46 for the device, and a monthly fee of $79.95. Early buyers can have their monthly payments waived for the first six months, while those who purchased from the company’s website get 10 percent off the monthly charge. Autom is slated to be shipped in 2012.

Or better yet, you might need a little more discipline in sticking to your exercise regimen and healthy eating, so you do not need to purchase a very expensive diet robot.

Source: CNET, via Engadget



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