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ContourROAM Rugged Camcorder

Posted on September 14, 2011

Getting action shots and videos require a camcorder that’s rugged and tough, ideal for use outdoors. Getting action shots from a first person view requires one that is portable. The new ContourROAM Camcorder offers both, making it an ideal device for recording sports and high action videos.

The ContourROAM is a compact sports camcorder that can record video in HD quality. It is a rugged and waterproof camcorder that can be used for hands free video recording, with a variety of mounts available for fitting the rugged video camcorder for a variety of sports and activities. It comes with a built-in multidirectional mic that is capable of capturing even the ambient sounds for recording a more absorbing action video.

The ContourROAM sports camcorder also provides support for MicroSD cards of up to 32GB, making it possible to record up to 8 hours of HD video in full 1080p mode. A full charge is good for about 3 hours of continuous video recording. The ContourROAM Rugged Camcorder is now available at Contour for US$200.

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