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Volvo Introduces Touchscreen-Decked Luxury Sedan

Posted on September 13, 2011

Another car manufacturer is making a splash at the Frankfurt Motor Show as Volvo has rolled out its Concept You luxury sedan. This car is controlled mostly through touch screens. Behind the car’s steering wheel, for instance, features a monitor that displays basic driving information like speed and a map of the trip’s trajectory. The steering wheel also has sensor-enhanced panels that can be used to adjust the radio or cruise control settings.

There is also a center console, which can also be controlled via an infrared sensor that picks up on any hand and eye movements to activate the system’s infotainment control mode like a yet-to-be-released FreshAir subwoofer from Alpine. The center console can enable the driver, as well as his passengers, to surf the web, browse through radio stations, check for safety alerts, and control air conditioning by using customized gestures.

An extra touch screen is also found between the two rear seats, thus keeping the children quiet throughout the trip.

Source: We Design Volvo, via Engadget



This car is awesome! This is very unreal. I have never seen a car like this. With this kind of features I'm pretty sure this car is very expensive.
Center & Floor Consoles on January 26, 2012 at 1:33 am
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