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Tursion TS-102 Smart Pico Projector

Posted on September 13, 2011

With most devices getting smaller and smaller, even projectors nowadays are following suit. Technology has made it possible for such devices to become portable and handheld units like the many pico projectors of today. And now, they are also going cordless with the likes of the Tursion TS-102 Smart Pico Projector.

The Tursion TS-102 Smart Pico Projector is an Android 2.1 pico projector that comes with a 3M MM200 upgrade engine. Despite its portable size, this projector comes with its own dual core 624MHz and 8GB memory, making it as an Android computer by itself. It also comes with a variety of applications and support for apps belonging to the Microsoft Office Suite. It also supports a variety of audio, video and file formats.

The Tursion TS-102 Smart Pico Projector also offers WiFi connectivity. It can be connected to a variety of digital media sources, with files also directly downloaded, stored and played from the projector itself. It can project images on a flat surface from a distance of up to 100 inches at 20 lumens of brightness. The Tursion TS-102 Smart Pico Projector is available at Amazon for US$449.

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