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Tokyo-based chemicals company Toray has pulled out a surprise by going out of the box and unveil its very own electric sports car. The two-seater Teewave AR1, short for “Toray Eco Efficient Advanced Roadstar 1,” is being bragged for its low weight at 846 kilograms (including the battery)–an achievement in the heavyweight line of electric cars. The car’s lightness is contributed from its carbon fiber-reinforced plastic in the floor, frame, and other parts of the vehicle.

The company invested a total of US$3.8 million and cooperated with UK-based car design company Gordon Murray to develop this electric vehicle. The prototype can run at top speed of 147kph and offers a travel range of 185km in a single battery charge. It consumes less energy compared to other electric cars at 11.6km/kWh, according to the company. Toray plans to commercialize car parts using carbon fiber reinforced plastic by 2015.

Source: Sankei News, via TechCrunch



This is a really good car. Electric vehicles are becoming the trend today. If you want to buy a car then an electric vehicle would be the best for you.
Auto Batteries on April 13, 2012 at 7:33 am
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