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Samsung to Unveil Windows 8 Tablet?

Posted on September 9, 2011

We will not see Windows 8 until its release in Fall 2012, but Samsung is about to give us a peek. The Korea-based company is reportedly developing a new tablet that runs on Windows 8, which is expected to be unveiled next week in time for Microsoft’s BUILD developers’ conference.

Sources say that this new Samsung tablet will be its “first collaboration with Microsoft in its hardware devices.” There are speculations that this Windows 8 tablet may have NVIDIA’s new Kal El quad-core processor and that Samsung may give away these tablets to attendees.

What we know so far about Windows 8 is the new Windows Phone-style interface, which replaces the traditional “Start” menu. The new OS will also be backwards compatible with Windows 7 hardward and software, and is expected to function well in tablets as well as in desktops and laptops.

Samsung’s development of Windows-based hardware is seen as a preparation in the impending Google-Motorola deal. Although Samsung has been heavily dedicated with Android-based devices, the “Googorola deal” is hardly comforting for a company that competes with another Android-totting manufacturer like Motorola. The move is also seen as Samsung’s way to ward off Apple and its patent suing rampage.

Source: AFP and This Is My Next, via TechCrunch



[...] will be its “first collaboration with Microsoft in its hardware devices.&#822… Read More » [...]
Samsung to Unveil Windows 8 Tablet? | hupdate on September 10, 2011 at 9:37 pm

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