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Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10M Headphones

Posted on September 9, 2011

Headphones nowadays are being used not only as an audio listening device but also as a fashion accessory as well. It has become cool wearing those oversized headphones when going out and about. With such a trend going on, Pioneer has come up with its new stylish headphones with its STEEZE SE-D10M Headphones.

The new Pioneer STEEZE SE-D10M Headphones come in a stylish oversized headband design that is usually in nowadays. It is designed to perform inside and out. It comes with a large diameter 40mm speaker unit with strong rare earth magnets to provide some rich bass reproduction. A CCAW lightweight voice coil also helps provide that clear sound quality.

And for some added stylish versatility, the Pioneer STEEZE SE-D10M Headphones come bundled with interchangeable earbuds of two different colors aside from the standard earbuds the headphone comes with. This allows users to fit their headphones with their style and fashion. The Pioneer STEEZE SE-D10M Headphones is expected to come out sometime in mid-October in Japan. No word has yet been been provided as to its pricing.

Image Source: Pioneer



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