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Samsung MV800 MultiView Digital Camera

Posted on September 6, 2011

Despite having quite a number of different features, it seems that compact digital cameras are almost designed similarly to one another. They usually have the same features and functions, only to be differentiated by one feature here and there. But there are times when one digital camera just stands out because it is quite unique in its own way. One such example would be this new Samsung MV800 MultiView Compact Digital Camera.

The new Samsung MV800 has a unique feature in that it comes with a versatile LCD Flipscreen. Its 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display can be flipped 180 degrees, making its easier to take self-shots as well as low angle shots. This point and shoot camera comes with a 16.1MP sensor with 5x optical zoom. Like most digital cameras today, it can both record still pictures as well as HD videos. The Samsung MV800 Compact Digital Camera is set to be available in the market any time soon. It is expected to cost US$280.

Image Source: Samsung



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