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Motorola Triumph Gets Riddled with Issues

Posted on July 29, 2011

The Motorola Triumph, which is available through Virgin Mobile, has been rifed with issues from the get-go. Barely just first week after its release, users begin to complain about flickering screens and blurry cameras.

Some users claim that the Triumph’s screen starts to flicker after a couple of taps at the lock button, while others say the screen would go completely white at random. One owner even says the screen of his smartphone goes completely black, while the four buttons at the bottom are locked and remain lit. The problem is solved by removing the battery and rebooting the phone.

Complains continue to flood Motorola’s way as some Triumph units have blurry cameras right out of the box. Some users have exchanged the faulty smartphones for a new one, only to experience the same problem. Mobile experts say that this problem could be software-related and has to do with the 5-megapixel camera’s autofocus.

While other Triumph owners have no problem with the camera’s autofocus, the photos end up with a nasty yellow or green tint on them. One user reported that he has tweaked the settings several times, even resetting the phone to factory settings, and the green blob remains in the photos. An example of that green and yellow tint can be seen in this post’s photo, which is located right in the center of the all-white box.

Motorola and Virgin Mobile need to fix these problems fast before these complaints become to overflow. After all, Motorola Triumph users shelled out $300 for this phone.

Source: TechCrunch



I own a Motorola Triumph cell. I like other people also experienced screen locks, screen going blank, and the worse cell lock ups, where the cell is dead, to fix this I would turn the cell to airplane mode, then back to normal, this seems to work; but I would like to know what the cause of these issues, I would also loke Virgin Mobile to be more involve on solving these issues, aftyer all $300.00 dollars are hard to come by these days.
miamiam on February 10, 2012 at 1:49 pm
With these tough times I was happy to get a prepaid plan that I could handle and a great looking phone to boot. I am very happy for those who have no issues, but unfortunately I have returned the phone four times. Issues inlcuded battery cover falling off, phone totally died, GPS forget it, no bars in my own house, force closing, flikering occured while utilizing the phones key pad while putting in my bank account numbers ( I know I could use voice, but after all I paid over $300.00), grainy front camera pictures in-doors no matter what the lighting. I have heard some wonderful constructive suggestions for improving with apps, but at $300.00 there should be some admission by the companies that the phone still needs to be tweeked. On the point about service: I am being held captive because after a month they claim they have have not recieved one of the (4) phones back. It was returned just like the other three that made the trip to the IN distribution center just fine in their postage paid envelopes. I have received apologies and assuraces, that it is not my fault, but the fault of USPS, but I have still been put on an indefinite investigation. My phone is suspended even though it is paid 3 months in advance. I did due diligence and called starting in December when I first got messages and was told not to worry that my service would not be interrupted. After ten phone calls where I have been put on perpetual hold waiting for the next department to tell me they can not lift the suspension and countless emails, I have now been told I can not cancel the Virgin Mobile service and I can not get a refund. Every time I call I have to tell the story over again as though it is not in the data base. You would think that the fact that I kept returning the phones, showing good faith on my part, as I did not ask for a refund, I wanted to believe. Customer service should not be based on how many people have issues, nor is being polite enough if at the end of the day you have a $300.00+ paperweight and no phone service. Thanks for listening and I am open to any constructive ideas on how to handle this. I have gotten enough abuse from Virgin Mobile:-( By the way, I have their full data plan...paid ahead at the store and have payments coming to them direct from bank account.
PR on January 29, 2012 at 4:41 am
[...] while others say the screen would go completely white at random. One owner even says … Read More » [...]

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