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Google TV Tanks, But Logitech Takes the Hit

Posted on July 29, 2011

Uh-oh, looks like Google TV is starting to tank, but the real victim here is Logitech, which has slashed its Revue unit from $249 to just $99. Although Google TV has a lot of promise when it launched last October, giant media companies are not buying the idea as it blocked access to their online streaming. Take away that feature and what you have left of Google TV, along with its Logitech Revue, is a mere overpriced DLNA client and Netflix streamer.

The Revue’s drastic and desperate price cut, which comes after Logitech enthusiastically announced that it has sold just 5 million units during the holiday season, reflects how the company is trying everything to ship its back inventory. What’s even sadder is that Logitech has posted a net loss of $30 million partly because of Revue as it experienced more returns than sales of the device during the first quarter.

Experts say that Google launched Google TV too soon. TechCrunch calls it a “half-baked” product as it “felt like a beta” device.

“Google TV promised the world and delivered it. The world just wasn’t ready,” the blog concluded.

Source: TechCrunch



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