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TechCrunch: Google+ Declining Too Soon?

Posted on July 28, 2011

MG Siegler of TechCrunch has reported that Google+ is experiencing a slump in traffic just barely less than a month since it was launched, saying that the social networking site should find a way to keep its users engaged. This comes after reports that Google’s third attempt at the social networking turf (after Buzz and Wave) reached its 10 millionth user in a very short amount of time.

Citing previously released reports, Siegler says that U.S.-based traffic over at Google+ last week decreased by three percent compared to previous week. It is interesting to note that Google+ is still technically in limited beta, but the downward trend in traffic may continue.

Siegler wrote: “Google+ started off with a bang — a big one. Part of it was the new car smell, but a bigger part was that expectations were so low for what Google would come up with in the social space (their own doing). When Google exceeded those expectations, people were genuinely surprised. And that also spurred usage. There was a sense of excitement: Could this really be the next big social network? But now things are calming down. The new car smell is wearing off. And it’s time for reality.

As a Google+ user myself, I observed that a lot of my friends who finally got in the site remain inactive. As one friend noted, it feels lonely out there and I agree. While Facebook thrives on what is being shared, the culture over at Google+ evolves around who you are sharing it with.  If nothing is shared your way, too bad.  And most of the time, everything shared over there is either about Google or Google+ itself, such as nifty ways to organize your circles or features and extensions that you would never know unless it is shared to you.

And although several popular personalities have joined Google+ such as Tom Anderson (yes, “the” Tom of Myspace), Paris Hilton, and even the president of Argentina, there is much ado over how to keep users glued. And Google needs to do it quick before it suffers the fate of Myspace and, gulp, Friendster.

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TechCrunch: Google+ Declining Too Soon? on July 29, 2011 at 3:35 pm

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