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If you are using a laptop at work and suddenly felt the need of using a keypad to calculate stuff, you realize the hassle of having to hold one button while crunching in the numbers. Worse, if the keyboard does not have function buttons that serve as a keypad alternative, you end up using the number row.

You definitely need this latest offering by Canon: a three-in-one laser mouse with calculator and keypad. The X Mark | Mouse Lite, which was designed by the Canon camera team, features three mouse buttons, a scroll wheel, support for Bluetooth 2.01, and even a low battery indicator. The mouse comes in black and white options, and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

Canon is selling this three-in-one mouse along with the X Mark | Keypad that comes with a 10-digit semi-calculator. The X Mark | Mouse Lite will be available in August, while the keypad will be shipped in September. Both devices are expected to cost $59.99.

Source: TechCrunch




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