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TIM 3D Camera for Just $60, Requires “Film”

Posted on July 26, 2011

Who says 3D cameras have to cost an arm and a leg? TIM from Holga can shoot 3D and even half-frame images without any use of digital technology, all for just $60!

The plastic-made TIM film camera uses a detachable flash with color filters and requires 35mm film to capture your pictures. It also has double lenses that function like winking eyes, closing one at a time, to achieve the half-frame technique. Leave both lenses open and you get yourself a 3D photo.

The camera also has a multi-exposure button, a “Bulb” option for longer exposures, and a “mouth” that serves as the aperture controller.

Orders are now being accepted over at Photojojo, with a “ships in 24 hours” assurance. You can also go for the “just the camera” option for $50 or “just the flash” for $15, but where is the fun in purchasing them separately?

Source: Photojojo, via TechCrunch



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