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´╗┐Sanyo is now known for its popular eneloop line of rechargeable batteries and mobile boosters. The company is continuing to improve on its lineup of mobile boosters as more and more portable devices requiring increasing available power are being developed. Sanyo has just recently announced that it has come up with a new line of eneloop mobile boosters armed with higher power capacities.

The new Sanyo eneloop KBC-L54D and KBC-L27D mobile boosters now come with higher capacity lithium ion batteries that can now charge most smartphones like the iPhone as well as the new tablet PC’s like the iPad. It can charge most devices with USB power ports. Its higher capacity allows it to charge devices quickly. The new eneloop KBC-L54D and KBC-L27D mobile boosters is expected to come out in Japan sometime in September. Pricing has not yet been provided.

Image Source: Sanyo




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