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Sony CyberShot TX55 Digital Camera

Posted on July 25, 2011

Compact digital cameras need not be considered as limited in terms of features. While they do not have the features usually found in larger DSLR cameras. There’s the new Sony CyberShot TX55 that has features that would surely impress despite its small and compact size.

The new Sony CyberShot TX55 compact digital camera features a 16.2MP CMOS sensor that also comes with Clear Image Zoom that boost magnification without having to lower the pixel count of the final image. This also makes the camera capable of up to 10x zoom while taking 16MP images.

The Sony CyberShot TX55 also comes with the Picture Effect Mode, which adds image enhancing options without the need of photo editing software. It is the first CyberShot camera to come with such a feature. Another interesting feature that this new CyberShot camera has is the Dual Rec feature that allows users to capture a 12MP still image even while recording in Full HD video shooting mode. The new Sony CyberShot TX55 has all these features and more while having only a thin 12.2mm profile. The Sony CyberShot TC55 Compact Digital Camera is expected to come out in September to be priced at around US$350.

Image Source: Sony




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