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Belkiz Feedaway Cardboard High Chair

Posted on July 25, 2011

Have a toddler? Good. Like to bring your kid in restaurants that do not provide high chairs? Better, because this product is for you. An Australian-based firm called Belkiz introduces the Feedaway, a high chair for kids that is made completely out of one sheet of cardboard, “to minimize waste.”

According to its product page, this chair folds flat and is completely disposable in case your child messes around, which is perfectly normal. The company even makes a great pitch in saying that the Feedaway cardboard high chair is convenient when bringing the kids “for weekends away, holidays, picnics, and for mums ‘n dads in law or friends.”

The chair can support kids up to 20 months of age and is also, presumably, water and fireproof. It takes about three minutes to assemble, but longer if you are still beginning to get the hang of it. The Feedaway has been available in authorized Belkiz retailers across Australia.

Source: TechCrunch



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