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If you have been using Google+ for some time, you begin to realize how this social networking platform is very much different from frontrunner Facebook. Animated images can be shared on the stream; you can use more than one profile photo, which you can flipped through by clicking on it; you control whom to share your stream, unlike in Facebook where you control who not to share; and finally, Google+ has Hangouts video chat feature. And although Facebook recently introduced their Skype-powered video calling function, Hangouts works with more browsers and has a quicker, click-and-go sort of installation.

But as one user from Lifehacker points out, Hangouts are more than just a way to connect with people, as it makes a perfect impromptu video surveillance system. To make this work, you will need two Google+ accounts–one for the camera side and another to view the footage. Simply start a Hangout on one side, then email yourself the URL. Just when you are at work or anywhere outside your home, just open the link and monitor what goes inside your abode.

You may also need to install a program like Mouse Jiggler (which simply inputs fake mouse movements) to prevent your home-based computer from idling, which would cancel the Hangout.

Source: TechCrunch




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