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Green House USB Cup Warmer/Cooler

Posted on July 22, 2011

Having a cup of hot beverage or having a cold one while using the laptop or PC is quite a normal daily occurrence for many people. Being so attentive to their Web surfing or work can leave them with a hot beverage going cold or a cold one getting warm. People can now have an easy solution to this usual issue by having this convenient USB Cup Warmer or Cooler from Green House.

The Green House USB Cup Warmer or Cooler is a simple device that can help keep your drink warm or cold longer than usual. It can be easily connected to an available USB port from your laptop or PC. With just a flip of a switch, users can either warm their hot beverage for up to 40 degrees Celsius or keep it cool for up ti 15 degrees Celsius. The USB Cup Warmer Cooler is available at Green House for 2,780 Japanese Yen or around US$35.

Image Source: Green House




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