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Despite conflicting findings on whether or not cell phones cause cancer, the officials in the City of San Francisco has unanimously approved legislation that requires cell phone shops to warn consumers about their products’ potential radiation hazards.

The new law is the city’s second attempt to put warning labels to cell phones. The first ordinance, which was approved last year, requires each cell phone’s radiation absorption level (known as SAR) to be posted outside of its box. However, this law was stopped after the CTIA Wireless Association filed a lawsuit against the city, arguing that these SAR ratings would only confuse consumers into thinking that certain cell phones were proven to be more dangerous than others.

The new version of the law is a little more lax, as the specific radiation details are replaced by general warnings that cell phone shops need to put up. Of course, these shops are very unlikely to mention “cancer” in its warning signs.

This ordinance will be voted upon for the final time on July 26, at which point Mayor Ed Lee will need to sign it within 10 days to make it official. No word whether CTIA would sue the city again.

Source: TechCrunch



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