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We’ve seem how smartphones can be turned into other tools from the extraordinary to the mundane. Now, a group of scientists takes it a step further by enabling users to utilize their smartphones into a powerful medical tool. The Smartheart by SHL Telemedicine connects to the iPhone, BlackBerry or any Android device through Bluetooth and converts the phone into a hospital-grade heart monitor that can read electrocardiograms in just 30 seconds.

The Smartheart device is hooked around the user’s chest to record the heart’s electroactivity and the data can be viewed through the smartphone. The ECG results can also be sent to your physician through e-mail so he can identify any sign of irregularity or abnormality in the patient’s heart condition. The device is more convenient than a traditional ECG that utilizes several monitors stuck to the body.

Smartheart will be available online this fall, with a projected cost of $430, while the app can be downloaded for free.

Source: Daily Mail



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