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Tape recorders are so five years ago, as you can now record audio through your smartphone. Although convenient, recording via smartphone has its disadvantages. I tried it one time during an interview and I didn’t realize that it stopped recording because it received a text message. Most of the conversation was not recorded. I know, bummer. Another issue is when using smartphones as a recording device, you still need to annotate the audio into text like what we did with tape recorders. Also, some smartphones save audio files in formats not recognizable by a lot of media players.

These problems make gadgets like Grundig’s Digta 7 Premium BT voice recorder more sensical. Dubbed as the “world’s first dictation device with a built-in Bluetooth module,” this Grundig device enables users to “dictate” (they prefer that word over “record”) and save audio files of even more than 15 minutes in duration–even smartphones cannot record audio longer than 6 minutes. The Digta 7 Premium BT can also share files wirelessly for up to 30 feet with Bluetooth-activated smartphones and PCs, as well as insert text passages within a dictation, and even utilize its speech recognition capabilities to create an alphanumeric dictation ID.

Sources of Engadget claim that the Grundig Digta 7 Premium BT is already available in the UK for £500 ($800). There will also be a BlackBerry app in the works, but it is unclear when that would be available.

Source: Digta 7, via Engadget




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