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Asus Kinect-like Xtion Pro Live

Posted on July 18, 2011

Asus is venturing into the motion-sensing business as it unveils the Xtion Pro Live. It looks very much like the Kinect, but this gadget is for Windows- and Linux-based computers. The device features infrared and depth sensors, along with a VGA webcam and a pair of microphones. The Xtion Pro Live may also seem to target PC geeks who prefer to play their games in front of a computer, but Asus intends to brand the device for game developers so they could design better games and apps for Asus’ upcoming Wavi, a consumer-level “Kinect killer.” And by better, we hope it does not have to compel us players to dance.

The Asus Xtion Pro Live is now available in the European market at an un-Kinect-like price of 175 euros (about $300).

Source: Engadget




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