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Thanko Necktie Clip Fan Keeps You Cool

Posted on July 15, 2011

Forced to wear workclothes under the intense heat wave? Japanese gadget-maker Thanko has something you would fan for!

Thanko has developed the Tie Clip Fan, a mini fan gadget that you can attach to your necktie. The necktie clip weighs just 28 grams and features a mini fan attachment that can be powered by either USB port of a computer as you sit at the office desk, or through a battery unit while you are mobile. Yup, that’s about it, but it seems more convenient than bringing a fan or dousing yourself with water.

Thanko’s USB Tie Clip Fan is available in their Japanese online store for $35, battery unit included. Interested buyers outside of Japan may have to look for it in Japanese gadget websites.

Source: TechCrunch




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