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Klipsch Mode Headphones

Posted on July 14, 2011

With headphones nowadays, they just have to look cool aside from just sounding cool. They have pretty much become fashion accessories for most people that they are being worn even when not used, probably to add into that coolness factor while going around. Well, by the looks of it, the Klipsch Mode The Klipsch Mode Headphones features a stylish design that many users would find hip enough to wear while going around. Its seems to be a beautiful pair of headphones from the inside and out. This over-ear headphones feature ear cups dressed in high grade leather for elegance and comfort. Its sleek rounded profile makes it quite an appealing pair of headphones to look at.

But inside, the Klipsch Mode Headphones also stands to impress. It comes with 40mm woofers for deep bass and dynamic mid-range sound output. Combine that with 15mm tweeters to bring out the crisp and clean high frequency sounds and you get a pretty balanced headphones to listen to your favorite tunes. But that’s not all, the Klipsch mode also comes with active noise canceling feature that is good for 45 hours on a single battery. The Klipsch Mode Headphones is slated to be available by Fall of this year. No pricing info has yet been provided.

Image Source: Klipsch




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