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Remember when the CEO of Nintendo of America said something along the line of “we would rather be duplicated than imitate“? Well, looks like he will swallow his words when the big bosses in Japan decided to turn the Nintendo 3DS into an all-purpose gaming/ media/ social device.

This was actually planned years ago, but Nintendo looked at the iPad and thought they needed to do something or else Apple would outrun them. The result: A curated video channel filled with 3D content. The Nintendo Video service offers hand-picked videos such a fashion show and a 3D tour of Kyoto. Users, however, cannot access web video services like YouTube.

Nintendo Video service debuts in Japan today, July 13, obviously for Japanese users. It will be coming to the United States later this summer, hopefully with more relevant content. For instance, a joint partnership with Netflix would give 3DS users access to watch streaming content. Let’s hope that would come true.

Source: Joystiq, via TechCrunch



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