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FireText Smoke Alarm

Posted on July 13, 2011

It can be quite stressful losing a home or any property for that matter to an accidental fire. That is why most home owners invest in many fire and smoke alarm systems in order to safeguard their homes from fires. But such systems only remains effective if the homeowner is effectively alerted about any possible fires. But what if he or she is somewhere else and not at home? A simple and ingenious solution can be offered by the FireText Smoke Alarm.

The FireText Smoke Alarm is a unique type of smoke alarm in that it integrates a text messaging feature that most homeowners will welcome. At the first chance of smoke in the home and when the smoke alarm’s sensors detect it, the FireText Smoke Alarm will not only sound off but also send off text messages to up to 4 different numbers at the same time. This will give homeowners a means to be alerted of any smoke or fire related problems even while they are not at home.

Although the homeowners may be too far away to do anything when alerted through text, at least they can contact the fire station or a neighbor to check the problem out before it gets worse. It is a battery operated smoke alarm that features photoelectric smoke detection and comes with Quad Band GSM for its text messaging features. The FireText Smoke alarm is available at FireBox for 90 UK Pounds or US$143.

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