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iLuv ArtStation Stereo Speaker Dock

Posted on July 11, 2011

The presence of so many speaker docks and other accessories being made for Apple iDevices in the market may be a testament to their wide popularity. People may prefer to look for such accessories armed with cool and stylish designs to complement the iDevice that they may be used for. One that may be worth looking at is the new iLuv iMM727 ArtStation Stereo Speaker Dock for the Apple iPad.

The iLuv ArtStation Stereo Speaker Dock is designed to appeal with combining with the Apple iPad to provide a full multi-media experience. This special speaker dock features a versatile iPad mount that can be tilted and rotated for better adjustment options. It also comes with iLuv’s jAura sound technology to provide a better audio experience. By downloading the iLuv app on your iPad, the ArtStation can also be transformed into an Internet Radio, as iPod music player as well as an interactive alarm clock and a source of international weather data. The iLuv ArtStation Stereo Speaker Dock is set to be made available this month among its selected retailers for US$130.

Image Source: iLuv Creative Technology




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