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Many people may not realize how it feels to have their sense of sight deprived, even if it is only on one eye. In traditional medical procedures, doctors would have replaced the malfunctioning eye with a prosthetic eyeball that does nothing more but cosmetic improvement. Imagine if that prosthetic eye would provide renewed vision, much like how prosthetic legs enable limbless patients to walk again.

Tanya Vlach, who also happens to have lost one of her eyes in a car accident, has envisioned a waterproof in-eye camera that is theoretically capable of transmitting 720p HD video wirelessly to a mobile app. This unique prosthetic eye could even make the camera zoom and capture still images using a blink-activated sensor. She also hopes to include more features like facial recognition, a dilating pupil, infrared/ UV capture, and even geotagging.

To make her project a reality, Vlach has turned into Kickstarter and asks its members for funding. She needs to raise at least $15,000 before August 3, 2011 to commission an engineer to design her “Grow a New Eye” project. Sponsors who donated less than $5,000 will be gifted with a bunch of small-ticket items, while a pledge higher than that amount would net the donor a “souvenir eye camera.” Click the link to find out more about the project and help her make that bionic dream a reality.

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