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Recording home videos no longer becomes a problem with many camcorders now available in the market. But while choices abound, not all may have the same features that most people may consider quite useful. Having unique features like a built-in projector can make new camcorders like the Sony Handycam HDR PJ50 stand out from the rest.

The new Sony Handycam HDR PJ50 is more than just a regular camcorder. It can be considered even as a mobile theater with its built-in projector able to project recorded videos for up to 60 inches and with powerful built-in stereo speakers for audio. That is enough to enable users to share videos with a greater number of people at any one time.

This Sony camcorder features a 29.8mm Sony G wide angle lens which allows the camcorder to capture and record Full HD videos. Its Exmor R CMOS image sensor also allows capturing 7.1MP still pictures. A built-in 220GB HDD ensures that there is more than enough storage space for lengthy videos. The Sony Handycam HDR PJ50 is available at Sony for around US$1,200.

Image Source: Sony




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