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Because storing 20,000 songs is not enough and the $25 annual fee too expensive for your taste, Amazon has announced a new scheme for its Cloud Drive service. Users can now store unlimited amount of songs (mp3 and m4a files only) purchased through Amazon MP3 free of charge, plus a 20GB storage space for all the other stuff, for only $20 yearly at the cheapest. Now you can play your Amazon Cloud Player all throughout your work shift, road trip, or flight without having to worry about repeated tracks.

This offer is only for a limited time, so click that cart before it is too late. Still not convinced? You can still store your music files for free even after the promo expires. That is, if you subscribe now.

Another upcoming feature that Amazon will offer is the Cloud Player for Web in iPad. This lets users play songs on Amazon Cloud Player through Safari, iPad’s default browser. Through this update, iPads users can experience what Android, Mac, and PC junkies have been enjoying.

Source: Engadget



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