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The future of transportation may be something that can both run on land as well as fly. Although such inventions may not be entirely new to people, thanks to those similar gadgets shown in many cartoons, a more realistic piece of such transport may not exist yet. Or does it? For those who may not be patient enough to wait for the future in transportation, there is now this Terrafugia Transition Hybrid Transport that can run on land as well as fly.

The Terrafugia Transition Air and Land Hybrid Transport is a unique invention designed by MIT trained engineers that can run on land like a typical automobile as well as convert into a plane and fly. It is designed mainly as a two-passenger transport with foldable wings to give it enough space to run in highways. You can say that it is a car as well as an aircraft.

The Terrafugia Transition has undergone land testing where it was able to achieve speeds of 100 miles per hour on the road. It has also already gone through flight testing with successful results. Now, it may just be awaiting required certification from the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) and the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) since it is both a land and air transport.

But hopes are high since the Terrafugia Transition has recently been given by the NHTSA a petition for exemption on four federal motor vehicle safety standards. The company is expecting to make this hybrid transport available to customers by 2012. Owning one may not be cheap as it is expected to cost around US$250,000.

Image Source: Terrafugia




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