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Reggie Fils-Aime, president and CEO of Nintendo of America, gave an interview to David M. Ewalt of Forbes.com and revealed what we need to know about Nintendo’s upcoming gaming console, the Wii U. It’s a bit lengthy, but here is the gist of what “The Regginator” has to say:

The Wii U will be launched after April Fool’s Day 2012 – Fils-Aime did not specify on what date after April 1, 2012 do we get to grab a Wii U. He also admitted that the original Nintendo Wii will remain in the market after Wii U’s launched, selling the two devices side-by-side before gradually pulling it off the shelves probably after two years (much like what happened to Gameboy Advance when the original DS was launched).

Fils-Aime is confident that consumers can tell the two consoles apart – “Even though the Wii software is backward compatible to Wii U, the branding will be a little bit different, the messaging will be a little bit different,” he said during the interview. A perfect example of this consumer behavior is how four different Nintendo DS versions (DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS) are currently on retail shelves.

The Wii U is not a tablet – The controller may have a screen and a set of input buttons, but Fils-Aime insists that the Wii U is “not meant to be a tablet,” but “a different type of experience.” However, it is theoretically possible for Wii U users to utilize the contoller for content other than games such as TV shows and movies. This would be possible if, for instance, Netflix would connected to the console.

Nintendo has got this in the bag – To all the critics who are starting to write about Wii U’s obituary, the Regginator reminded them about the time when they laughed about the Nintendo DS, saying that handheld consoles with more powerful graphics are the way to go. Guess which handheld sold more units? He also told the story about how the critics scoffed off the original Wii and its motion-controlled gaming when other consoles were gearing for high-resolution graphics. Looking at how other consoles come up with its own motion gaming system, it has become obvious to Nintendo that they got it right again.

Source: Forbes, via Engadget



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