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Nokia Pulls Out of Japan Market, For Real

Posted on July 5, 2011

Back in November 2008, Nokia decided to pull out of their Japan operations, but at the same time announced that it would re-enter the market through its luxury sub-brand Vertu. The high-end Vertu began offering its ridiculously-priced cell phones, as well as the services that come with them, in September 2009. Almost two years later, Nokia realizes that making a name in Japan is not worth it as Vertu will also cease its operations

The shutdown is a slow process. Vertu’s stores in trendy Shibuya and upscale Ginza districts in Tokyo will close by the end of July, just before its contract with local carrier partner NTT Docomo expires in August. Meanwhile, Nokia’s Tokyo office will remain open until the end of 2011 as it takes care of refunds and other things, probably like singing to the Japanese version of Waltzing Matilda as they drink another shot of sake.

Source: MobileCrunch




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