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Still drooling about getting into Google+? Asking friends to send you an invite? Feeling bad that you could not sign into Google’s social networking venture even with an invite? You can practice one aspect of Google+ using Facebook.

Described by its developers as a “one-night experiment with Javascript,” Circle Hack is a third-party plug-in that enables Facebook users to organize and sort their friends into circles, much like how Google Circles works. The plug-in was created by a group of engineers affiliated to Facebook, but they claim it is not an official product of the top social networking site.

Log in to Circle Hack using your Facebook account and you could see your friends, click the names you want to group, drag them all, and drop it into a circle at the bottom of the page. It is a quick way of organizing your Facebook list. Try doing it how Facebook does it and you find yourself creating Friend Lists before clicking each friend’s name and checking the appropriate list where he belongs.

Given the short period of time Circle Hack was developed, the functionality is a bit limited. For one, you cannot delete circles, and you cannot seem to find a way to log out. Plus, Facebook considers Circle Hack as a “spammy link,” so expect to log out of Facebook automatically every so often (which can be remedied by removing Circle Hack as one of your apps).

I won’t be surprised if these engineers would come up with a counterpart for Google+’s Hangouts, but Facebook is about to launch its own video-chat program, isn’t it?

Source: PC World, via Engadget




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