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Looks like it is not over between Apple and Samsung as the latter has filed another complaint against Steve Job’s megacompany. A report on the International Trade Commission website states that Samsung requests an import ban against all the iDevices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod). The investigation on this issue could last for up to 16 months, that is if the ITC decides to investigate the complaint.

In case you are still out of the loop about this beautiful relationship gone sour, here’s the gist of it: Apple started it. The iPhone maker filed a complaint back in April about how Samsung’s products have blatantly copied Apple’s gadgets. Samsung filed a counter-suit and as they say, “S” hits the fan.

The two companies even requested to court to get their hands on upcoming products. Apple wanted to inspect a slew of soon-to-be-released Samsung smartphones and tablets to see if it copies the Apple devices, while the latter demanded to see the yet-to-be-announce iPad 3 and iPhone 5, claiming that any change in its design would invalidate Apple’s complaint. The court only granted Apple’s request, with the judge saying Samsung’s request was overreaching.

And just last week, Apple filed a suit on Samsung homeland of South Korea, plus it is dumping the chaebol as its chip supplier in favor of Taiwan SemiConductor Manufacturing Company.

It is safe to say that this story would not end well for either party.

Source: FOSS Patents, via MobileCrunch, photo by Eheheheh



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