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Supertooth HD Bluetooth Speakerphone

Posted on June 30, 2011

With news and research that using mobile phones close to your head may be a possible cancer risk, using them at a distance may be more necessary than ever. That is why Bluetooth handsfree headsets and speakerphones may become more essential for those who are concerned. New Supertooth HD Bluetooth Speakerphone may just fit the tab quite well.

The Supertooth HD Bluetooth Speakerphone is a handy Bluetooth speakerphone that features its own pair of speakers capable of giving a 5-watt output with its own 5.4 watt amplifier. It is a good speakerphone to have while inside the car. A single button is all it takes to make use of its essential functions like volume control as well as voice and redial commands. It can even be used to send texts via voice commands. It can also read incoming texts and emails made possible by the Dial2Do service. The Supertooth HD Bluetooth Speakerphone is available at the Supertooth Store for US$129.

Image Source: Supertooth




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