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HP in Talks About Licensing webOS

Posted on June 30, 2011

HP CEO Leo Apotheker has announced that his company is open to the idea of licensing webOS to others. In an interview in Beijing, he says HP is currently in talks with “a number of companies.” He does not elaborate about the specifics of these potential deals, even saying that “there is no time pressure to do this.”

Bloomberg, however, reports that Samsung in one of the companies HP is holding meetings with. According to its source, Samsung is actually interested in the possibility of using webOS for its Galaxy Tab tablets. Both HP and Samsung have declined to comment on the matter.

The possible spread of webOS in devices beyond the HP brand could give a stiff competition with Google’s Android and Microsoft Windows software, both seeking to challenge Apple’s dominance in the smartphone and tablet markets. This could also help improve HP’s software operations as their PC sales are low.

The problem that HP would face, however, is how they are able to license webOS without competing with its own products.

Source: Bloomberg, via Engadget



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