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If you have heard about Google@Home, you may have heard about Google’s plans of building an automated home. It’s an ambitious project that requires Google to partner up with other companies in order to become successful. One of Google’s partners in this endeavor is introducing an Android Light Bulb that can someday be switched on or off using an Android device.

The Lighting Science Android Light Bulb has recently been introduced at Google’s I/O 2011. It will be working well with Google’s plans of home automation as each bulb will be made with built-in 900MHz transceivers inside. This will allow the light bulbs to be directly controlled by any Android device like smartphones or tablets in the future. It is the first light bulb concept that may actually help meshing this whole home automation thing more possible for Google. Its maker, Lighting Science expects their Android Light Bulbs to be on par with other current light bulbs available in the market. The bulbs are expected to be on sale by the year’s end.

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