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When Nokia first unveiled its MeeGo-powered N9 recently, many believers of the Finland-based mobile brand hoped that MeeGo would be the start of its new era. Apparently, the company has other things in mind, as evident in its “super confidential” presentation about the “Sea Ray,” which runs on Windows Phone.

In an interview with Finnish periodical Helsingin Sanomat, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop confirmed that the Nokia N9 would be the first–and only–MeeGo smartphone. He even told the paper that Nokia will not be making any new MeeGo handsets, even if the N9 would turn out to be a big hit in the market, as the company is setting its focus on making more smartphones using Windows Phone.

“I have taken part in the conversations with the teleoperators and I have been part of the consumer test groups. The feedback has been extremely positive and I am sure that the Windows Phone system will be a great success”, Elop said.

While tech observers become wary whether Nokia would soon spiral down into a mere equipment manufacturer of Microsoft’s phones, Elop assures otherwise. “Nokia will continue its research and development on the software side, as well as in services and equipment design. We will build inventions for our Windows phones that will make us stand apart from our competitors and bring significant additional advantage to our application developers”, he firmly told the paper.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat, via Engadget



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