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Samsung Teases about Galaxy Tab 4G, Galaxy S III

Posted on May 31, 2011

Despite the legal battles Samsung is facing, the electronics giant continues to do business like a boss. Just hours ago, Samsung’s president for mobile communications J. K. Shin has teased about an “enhanced” LTE Galaxy Tab, which is said to be unveiled later this year after the launch of its 8.9-inch Tab as well as the 10.1-inch Tab. The two devices are priced between US$499 and US$599.

According to Shin, Samsung is currently discussing with American and South Korean carriers about launching the 4G tablet. He also revealed that a third-generation Galaxy S smartphone will also arrive at the first half of 2012. This comes after the Galaxy S II has become the fastest-selling smartphone in Korea after unloading one million units on its first month alone.

Source: Electronista, via Engadget



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