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Photosynthesis UV Sensitive Shirt

Posted on May 26, 2011

T-shirts can be made to look unique in a variety of ways. Adding in a bit of tech for example, can really give it that extraordinary look. One only needs to look at this new Photosynthesis UV Sensitive Shirt to get the meaning.

This Photosynthesis UV Sensitive Shirt is printed with ink sensitive to ultraviolet light that comes out when the wearer is outdoors out in the sunlight. The colors and design brightly come out when struck by the sun’s UV rays. This gives the t-shirt that unique changeable character, depending on whether the wearer is outdoors or indoors. Just because it is printed with the scientific formula for photosynthesis does not necessarily mean that it is just reserved for total geeks. Anyone can get it at ThinkGeek for US$14.

Image Source: ThinkGeek




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