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Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered iPod Speaker Dock

Posted on May 10, 2011

Just when you think that iPod and iPhone accessories can’t get any more interesting, there are others that continue to impress. Just like this new Eton Soulra XL It may look like a typical iPod or iPhone speaker dock to you, but it takes on something that not all similar speaker docks can boast about- it is solar powered.

The Eton Soulra XL features a retractable 72 square inch enhanced monocrystal solar panel that provides the power to charge the speaker dock’s lithium ion battery pack. Depending on the sun’s intensity, the Eton Soulra XL can be fully charged in about 5 hours under the sun. it can also provide 5 hours of continuous playback for each charge. The speaker dock can also be used to charge your iPod or iPhone, which can take about 4 hours to reach full.

The Eton Soulra XL also comes with 8 speaker drivers consisting of 2 tweeters, 2 subwoofers and 4 passive radiators to provide 22 watts of audio output with bass boost. The Eton Soulra XL is expected to be available in the market any time this month. It is currently available for pre-orders at Eton for US$300.

Image Source: Eton



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