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Worm Disguised as Lady Gaga Tweet Wreaks Havoc

Posted on April 30, 2011

It has come to the attention of online security experts that a worm has been crawling its way around computers fairly fast because it is disguised as a YouTube link for a “banned” Lady Gaga video.

The bit.ly link leads you to a fake YouTube page and then asks for permission to access their Twitter account. Authorize that and your Twitter account begins to send out infected tweets about the banned Lady Gaga video, prying on potential gullible followers.

Even Lady Gaga herself was upset about what happened. “Whoever is hacking my Twitter must answer to 10 million monsters and Twitter police. #Don’tMakeMeCallTheApostles,” the musician tweeted.

Apparently, her own Twitter stream became a victim of the worm as well, sending an assortment of infected tweets including one mentioning Shakira (as pictured). Curiously, most of the tweets are in Spanish.

Twitter users may wish to have their accounts unaccessible to third-party applications just to make sure.

Source: Sophos, via CrunchGear



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