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Devices that are now often used need not be made separately if they can conveniently come together into a single device. Take the case of having along a separate card reader and another USB hub- it can be quite a hassle bringing them both with out when you are out and about. It is a good thing that Green House has developed a convenient device that works both as a USB 2.0 Hub and a card reader in its new GH-CR45UHK Combo device.

The Green House GH-CR45UHK Combo device features a USB 2.0 Hub with 3 USB ports. Not only that, the same device also has a 45 in 1 card reader that includes SDXC support. This is an ideal device to bring along with your notebook or laptop and you won’t worry about any space to store it in. the Green House USB 2.0 Hub and 45 in 1 Card Reader Combo Device is expected to be available in Japan any time soon at a cost of around 1,370 Japanese Yen.

Image Source: Green House



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