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Signeo “Soul By Ludacris” SL300 Headphones

Posted on March 16, 2011

It seems that signature headphones of musical artists seem to be the rage nowadays. Having one’s favorite rapper or hip hop artist endorses and design headphones seem to help them sell very well and gain some “street cred” along the way. It’s no wonder that Signeo USA also has come up with its “Soul by Ludacris” line of headphones.

The Signeo “Soul by Ludacris” has recently unveiled a line of headphones, which is front lined by its SL300 Headphones. The SL300 is a high definition noise-canceling pair of headphones that deliver sound quality and performance that even music professionals may find quite ideal, hence the signature name by said popular artist.

The “Soul by Ludacris” SL300 Headphone features an advanced driver and circuitry that helps provide clear and balanced sound output with deep bass and clear mids and highs. It also features noise canceling technology that helps eliminate unwanted sounds and noises that might affect the overall sound experience. It is compatible with the Apple iDevices as well as with most smartphones and portable media players. With a price of US$299, the SL300 may be considered more affordable than the more popular signature headphones by an equally famous artist (Dr. Dre anyone?). The “Soul by Ludacris” SL300 Headphones are now available at Signeo USA.

Image Source: Soul by Ludacris



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