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Eton Scorpion

Posted on May 14, 2010

For those who love the outdoors, having the right equipment means a lot. And with the outdoors offering a different kind of environment that one may be quite accustomed to, an equipment that offers some simple pleasures and essentials would be quite a must. The Eton Scorpion might be one equipment that anyone who loves the outdoors would surely find valuable.

The Eton Scorpion offers many features essential for a more comfortable outdoor experience. This unique device is equipped with a digital AM and FM radio tuner, a NOAA weather band, and a built-in LED Flashlight. Aside from that, the Eton Scorpion is also equipped with its own solar panels and a crank powered generator to provide some much needed power. It also is equipped with USB port that can be used to charge up your other portable devices. Those features are encased in a durable material designed for outdoor use. The Eton Scorpion is available at Eton for US$50.

Image Source: Eton



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