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Stanley Outdoor Wireless Remote

Posted on May 4, 2010

Many people would surely want to enjoy a number of conveniences. This is the reason why many devices sell well. Some devices know how to cater to a certain convenience that consumers would want to have. It does not have to be quite the unique device in order to get one’s attention.

Turning devices off around the house remotely would surely be a welcome convenience. There are devices like the Stanley Outdoor Wireless Remote that can handle this job quite nicely. It is composed of a wireless outlet that can be turned on or off using a wireless remote transmitter that can work through walls, windows and doors. You can then plug in your appliances into its outlet and you now have the convenience of turning them on or off even from 50 feet away using the transmitter. It is a simple device that can help you save electricity by giving you the convenience of turning off devices and appliances you don’t use even from afar. The Stanley Outdoor Wireless Remote is available at Amazon for US$13.18.

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