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The Ben NanoNote

Posted on March 18, 2010

Is it a laptop or a palmtop?  A netbook or a smartbook?  Whatever it may be, the “Ben” 本 NanoNote “full copyleft hardware” device has been gaining attention from advocates of free software.  This Linux-based device runs on Open WRT (normally found on hacked Linksys routers), a 336MHz processor, 32MB of RAM, 2GB of Flash memory, a microSD slot, head phone jack, USB device, and an 850mAh lithium ion battery.  The whole device weighs just a little over four ounces, even with the battery.

What it lacks, however, is Ethernet or WiFi.  What it intends is that whether its target market, the developers, can tweak and utilize the full potential of free software.  The device can be turned into a music or video player that runs on OGG format, an offline Wikipedia, or MIT OpenCourseWare appliance, or simply as a handheld notebook.

The Ben NanoNote is now available in the United States and Europe for US$99.00 and 99 euros —plus taxes—respectively.

Source"  CrunchGear




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