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Archerfish Solo IP Video Camera

Posted on March 18, 2010

Surveillance camera can be seen as nothing more than ordinary cameras out to record videos of mundane everyday happenings in a certain area where it is installed. What it captures is what users can eventually see. But there is a new type of IP camera that may change all that.

The Archerfish Solo IP Video Camera is different in the sense that it is being called as the "thinking camera". Not only does it capture and record videos, it can distinguish different events that may matter most to its owners. It features an Advanced Video Technology that includes Intelligent Video Filter that automatically filters out those videos that may not pose an interest to the viewer. It provides 802.11b/g Wireless support that makes it easy to install with a home wireless router. It can also send video notifications to your mobile phone or email whenever an odd event may be occurring. The Archerfish Solo is now available for pre-orders in Amazon for US$400. It is set to be

available around April 2010.

Image Source: MyArcherfish




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