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TokyoFlash E-Clock

Posted on March 17, 2010

It seems that current watch design may not be as surprising as it once was. What may sometimes catch the attention of most people would be a more unique way of presenting a current technology for use on a certain gadget such as an ordinary watch. One such watch that may someday have this unique perspective is a design concept that features a unique use of E-ink Technology.

There is a design concept offered by watch design studio TokyoFlash that provides a unique use of E-ink Technology. The TokyoFlash E-Clock design concept features a wrist watch that uses ePaper that shows the time in different ways. This unique watch concept comes with a thin sheet of stainless steel band that wraps around the wrist. The ePaper is positioned beneath this band to display the time and other information.

The TokyoFlash E-Clock may also feature Bluetooth connectivity with your mobile phone to allow the watch to provide you with call, mail and message notifications wirelessly. It is quite a unique watch to have. Unfortunately it remains as a design concept at TokyoFlash. But if it generates quite a considerable attention, then the studio may just put it into actual production.

Image Source: TokyoFlash




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